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charter flights

Discover the ultimate in luxury travel with BitSky and our verified partners. Our VIP charter flights cover the globe from Europe to Asia, Australia to America. With our rich experience and in-depth knowledge of nuances, we can fulfill every desire you have. Nothing is impossible for us. Contact us to learn more.

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Superior levels of comfort and convenience, premium materials and luxurious seats, quality and style in every detail. Let us make sure that you experience the luxury and comfort of charter air travel!


The highest standards of safety and service on board. Only premium food and beverages to suit your preferences. Personalised pre- and post-flight services according to your chosen extras.


You only need to provide the minimum information necessary for the flight. You will be travelling on your own or in the company of someone close to you. Private VIP flights are handled in a separate terminal at the airport, with no hassles or strangers.


You are the only one planning your own departure time and date, route and number of passengers. Time at the airport for simplified security procedures will not exceed 20 minutes. You do not need to change your plans, you can always change your flight options in a short time.

Yacht Charter

Set a Yacht Charter in Croatia, providing the perfect opportunity for solo travelers and small groups to explore the sunniest coastline in Europe independently and at their own pace.

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Unforgettable Experiences

Personalize your yacht charter with our unique, add-on services!

Includes Skipper & Minibar

The charter includes a skipper/captain, minibar, diving equipment, towels, and fuel.

Easy & Fast

Book your charter online through our system and enjoy a hassle-free check-in process on-site with no hidden costs.

Great Service

Reservations at clubs and restaurants, catering on the boat, or taxi service? We take care of your perfect day!


BitSky manages your private business jet flight or a yacht charter and also takes care of a full range of additional services. We will order a gourmet catering, book a limousine or even helicopter transfer, yacht and hotel. Let us arrange your trip with the highest expectations!
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Cars, yachts and helicopters

We are ready to offer you the most reliable and suitable transfer, depending on your preferences and willingness. Premium class cars, luxury yachts and thrilling helicopter flights make an elegant addition to your trip.

Hotel accommodation

Together with our global partners BitSky assists you with the selection and booking of the finest and most exclusive hotels worldwide. Whatever the purpose of your trip is, you can enjoy your stay in the top-ranked hotels.

Conference rooms

We assist our clients with the selection and renting of conference rooms, negotiation rooms and meeting spaces for private appointments with partners. We will also find all the equipment you need for your meetings.

Travelling and adventures

BitSky works with well chosen partners to organise your dream trip. Luxury resorts in paradises all over the world, travel to unique destinations, exciting adventures and challenges are waiting to be discovered!
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How to book a flight or a travel with Bitcoin or Crypto?
Send us a request by e-mail or through our request form. We will contact you if necessary to clarify the information and we will send you the information about your flight options as soon as possible. Once you have found the suitable option, we can proceed directly to booking and arranging your trip.
You will get a link to the product page of your travel or flight where you can check all details once again and proceed to payment.
Payments are processed by one of our partnered payment processors, OpenNode or ColorCrypto, and are as easy as a payment through PayPal just with crypto.

How is a charter flight different from a regular one?
A charter flight is carried out on the order of a specific client and on an individual route. The flight is carried out even if regular flights are not established at the destination. Departure time is also specified, it is not tied to the schedule of regular flights. Service on board is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the client.

Where can I fly on a private charter plane?
The number of destinations served is limited only by the number of airports in the world. You can fly to any civilian airport or a dual-use airport. This is very convenient because you can choose the airport closest to your destination. The only restrictions are runway length and the availability of all necessary services. Please contact our staff and we will promptly check which type of private jet can land at your particular airport.

Who chooses the plane in which I will fly?
For each flight, our charter flight experts will select several options and recommend the type of private jet best suited to your needs based on the information you provide to us, including flight distance, number of passengers, amount of baggage and other details. After that, you can make your final decision.

How far in advance do I need to book a plane?
Private jets are ready to take off with X hours prior notice. As a rule, it is best to start planning a private charter flight a week in advance.

Where do I need to arrive to board?
When departing from one of the thousands of smaller private aviation airports, you can take advantage of a terminal called a Base Aircraft Operator (FBO). These are very practical small objects located in an accessible place. Ground staff will meet and escort you, often on foot, to your private charter aircraft for boarding. When departing a private charter from a major commercial airport, you can enjoy a similar facility away from the hustle and bustle of the main terminal.

What are the formal procedures at airports?
Most airports have separate terminals for private aviation flights. They are very compact and generally not very crowded. Document checks and baggage drop-off procedures are kept to a minimum and as individual as possible. Generally they take 20 minutes on departure and 10 minutes on arrival. For the flight you need such documents as a passport or identity document and, if applicable, a valid visa.

Which cryptocurrencies are accepted?
You can pay for your flight or travel with Bitcoin, but also with the following Alt-Coins:
Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, Decred, Dogecoin and Monero.

Payment processing powered by (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DCR, DOGE, XMR).

Can I book a hotel in the destination city with BitSky and Bitcoin or Crypto?
BitSky provides the best service for the clients and allows you to use Bitcoin or Crypto to book a hotel in the city of destination and in any location according to request.